Kylie Ferriday Art


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Getting lost in this sky angels colours, simple, subtle, yet magnificent. You won’t find another Major Mitchell quite like it. No details have been spared, hours upon hours of major musings (see what I did there) to create a pretty, elegant, choppy flow of goodness. 

Decorate your walls with this one off original. No prints are being made. This is just for you, to hold onto and adore. The background is an Earthy clay pink (it looks more apricot in the photo). The muted tones will go with most decor, suiting a modern home, or even those with a Country feel. 

Acrylic on canvas 62x62cm- comes with command strips for safe/easy fixture to your walls. Suitable for rentals. 

Please note, the colours in this photo are slightly different to real life. This is due to lighting. 

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