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I have always imagined that birds are sent to us as a gift from above. I know others think maybe butterflies, or a feather, for me it’s always been birds. I am awe struck by their freedom, their beauty and tenacity. 

I adore kookaburras in particular. Maybe they are sent to “bring me a higher love”. Maybe what we are drawn to, is for a reason. I always try to imagine what message they’re trying to tell me. 

This guy is a 72cm x 50cm original acrylic on canvas. But I wish I would convey in words how much more he is, than those simple dimensions. While painting him, I felt like maybe he was here to bring a message. To let us know there is a higher love. 

I felt mellow and calm, the palette choosing itself. Subtle whispy pastel hues, brushing over my canvas, so easily. I finger painted his little branch. It felt right. 

This piece is sent to give you hope, when you need it. “Bring me a higher love” is a beauty to be treasured. 


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