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She sits in silence, contemplating her worries while managing to balance her grateful heart. Her busy mind takes her to nature, where her heart is most at peace. Where stillness and quietness replenish her. 

Taking a moment to regroup, collect her delicate thoughts and move forward, she surrenders to the Universe’s plans and trusts that everything always falls into place.  She lives to Thrive, not just survive. 

“Thrive” was painted using a mixture of watercolour and matte acrylics, detailed with posca paint pens. 

This beautiful calming painting comes is available in  multiple paper option. Please ensure you use the drop down box to carefully select which paper type you’d like. 

The most economical option is the standard card, which is a 300gsm matte card. The next option for up to size A3 is linen card which is 350gsm. This paper is much thicker and has a weaved texture to it. The standard card is matte and smooth, the linen card is textured. 

There is also an option to have her printed onto Artist digital canvas. This option is the most expensive, but is a beautiful finish. This canvas is made to be framed, not stretched, as it does not come printed with extra edging to be wrapped. 

Disclaimer* please note, colours shown on your screen may differ slightly in real life. This is due to different brightness in monitors.