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An original acrylic on canvas, “when the rain comes” is a subtle pastel mix, made especially for the green tree frog lover. 

While painting this piece, I thought about why I love frogs so much. I  have always had a fascination with them, but haven’t thought past that, until now. 

For me, frogs were “when the rain comes”. Growing up in Cairns, Far North Queensland, the frogs would go crazy right before the rain poured down on our tin roof. The family would sit and listen to the sounds, and I remember feeling like it was “home”. That sound was home. 

Now, as an adult and a mother, when I see or hear frogs, I share that same special moment with my own children. I painted this piece while remembering all those special moments, that make me love, the things I do today. 

50cm x 60cm this piece is ready to post.

disclaimer* while all care is taken not too edit photos, the colours in this painting may vary slightly in real life. This is due to different monitors and lighting