ZIGGY - the leafy seadragon

ZIGGY - the leafy seadragon

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Ziggy is a handcrafted leafy seadragon. She lives in the deepest depths of the ocean, peacefully making her way through the coral and seaweed. Ziggy has a snout that works like a straw, and if in danger she pretends she’s a plant. Clever Ziggy. Ziggy is nearing endangerment though. So, every sale of this print in October, $1 will go to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation and ORRCA to help animals like Ziggy see a brighter future. 

Ziggy was created with watercolour, acrylic, pen and collage  

She is printed on 300gsm matte card and is available in sizes A5-A2. Please note, size A2 are printed on demand, so may take up to 7 days to be posted. The size A2 prints are printed on 220gsm satin poster paper. 

Disclaimer* Due to differences in monitors, the colours on your screen may vary slightly in real life.