Kylie on a palette: Imperfect Artist, Mum of Three wild ones, Ocean Lover, Pisces, Bear Hugger, Blues & Roots Fan, Sunrise & Sunset Watcher, Thrill Seeker  


Hey! I’m Kylie, the painter behind the pieces. Thanks a bunch for popping by!

 Art is my quiet time and outlet – it’s my meditative “me time”, where I can let my creative energy flow freely and loosely. I’m so incredibly inspired by the world around us, from the intangible feelings to the beautiful wildlife, my brain works overtime to absorb it all. If you ever see me wandering around rather aimlessly, looking up at the sky, that’s me daydreaming, capturing inspiration for my next piece. I feel grateful every day that I get to paint full time, I look forward to Monday's, and that's the way life should be!

Raw in imperfect beauty and a touch of eclectic, it truly blows my mind that people buy my art to put on their walls. It’s such an honour and my heart’s so full – THANK YOU, I appreciate you so much!

 Thank you for being here and thank you for being you. I’m so thrilled that my art has brought you here, and I hope that this is just the start to our art-filled journey together. I firmly believe if you have a talent, no matter what it is, you need to share it with the world. We aren't given talents or gifts for no reason, so share yours! Take the step and share the joy it brings. 

 P.S. If you ever want to stalk me in real life, I regularly run art classes and workshops, and attend markets and art festivals. Just make sure you bring me a good coffee with almond milk. I’ll love you forever.


Big love,