Hi, I'm Kylie, the painter behind the pieces. I grew up in Cairns, Far North Queensland, where I developed a love for colour, the tropics, nature, culture and local markets. Being barefoot at the beach is still my favourite pastime. 

I have been artistic for as long as I can remember, but didn't start sharing my art with the world until recently. I guess when you begin to become comfortable with who you are, and what you do, the fear turns into drive. That's why I'm here, and I'm so very glad I am. 

I attended CAD (Centre of Artistic Development) for year 11 & 12.  I got to spend 80% of my days creating, it was truly magical.  I then went on to attend University to become an Art/Drama teacher but dropped out after 3 years. I have recently picked this back up as I have a new found appreciation for teaching. 

I am a mother to two beautiful, albeit loud and messy children and wife to my loving and hardworking husband.  Art is my quiet time, my outlet, something for me, to let my creative energy flow.  I started painting again in 2016 after the birth of my second child, Halle Blue. 

I hope my love for culture, colour, nature and raw, simple, imperfect beauty shines through my work. The thought that people buy my art to put on their walls, still blows my mind, and my heart is grateful. 

I appreciate you, so much. To follow my journey please feel free to head over to my Instagram and Facebook pages, where I update regularly. 

Big Love,